Aaladi – Under Tree

Aaladi is a short form of a tamil word “Aalamarathadi” means “under banyan tree”. Since olden days, it’s a custom and convenience for atleast tamil people to gather under banyan tree just to relax away from the hot sun, call it a “shadow bath” as opposed to sun bath, it may be not that sexy like sun bath. Also, its a place for most public gatherings to discuss or even argue, pronounce verdict and etc.

Paagarkaai Varuval

Cut BitterGourd into chunks of two inch length.

Add oil + BG > cook till its half done

Place 1 full tomato in the center and cook till its can be mashed

Add chilli powder and salt > cook till completely done



Medicine free life

மருந்தென வேண்டாவாம் யாக்கைக்கு அருந்தியது
அற்றது போற்றி உணின்.

No medicine is necessary If you can eat only after assuring that previously eaten food is completely digested.

Idea is undigested food is the one that hinders the auto immune system of the body.


Thanjavur Sambar

Cook Paruppu:

Add water and boil dal

Ammi fine grind Sml pc of Manjal + 0.5 tsp soambu + 0.5tsp jeera.. later add crushed garlic > add above mix to dal

Add veggies to dal

Ammi fine grind 5 R.chilli + crushed 4-5 prl.onion and add it to dal

Ammi fine grind sombu + thenga

soak puli and get tamarind juice + add the juice to dal > let it boil till fully cooked

Temper with mustard + onion + curry leaves

Add dal to tempering and later add the blended coconut to sambar and turn off the stove in few mins.

Health Tips

amman pachiris keezha nelli thoothuvela nallavela kayyanthora 5 milagu 200 ml to 100ml + honey

Dry roast crystal salt and grind it powder. Goes well with Curd rice.

Pomegranet juice + water +  lemon juice + honey

Pudhina or Spinach Mashed Sabzi

Heat Oil + 2 Red chilli + 10 B.Pepper + Katti Perungayam + Pudhina or Any Greens > stir fry + Coconut + 5 Poondu > cool the mixture

Add lemon juice and Blend above mixture with salt

Tempering with mustard


Thanjavur Kurma for Chapathi

Stir fry and cook:

Heat oil + small piece pattai + Soambu + Star Anise + long sliced onion + curry leaves + salt + diced tomatoes + 1.5 sp Sambar podi + water + bring to boil + Cauli flower


Coconut + soambu + poondu + onion > blend and add to boiling kurma and turn off the heat in few minutes

P.S: Add less tomato when using beetroot

Increase Open File Descriptors

vi /etc/security/limits.conf

* hard nofile 1000000
* soft nofile 1000000